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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is one of our highest priorities. So we take proper measures to protect and safeguard your personal and financial information from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

The following Privacy Policy Statement explains who we are and how we intend to handle and protect your personal and financial information.

By opening an account or using our website, you have given your consent regarding the collection and use of your personal information by GMA Pros, as explained in this Privacy Statement. 


We collect the required information directly and indirectly from you based on your relationship with us. GMA Pros may use this information to verify your contact and identify information, open an account for you, safeguard your information and privacy, among other reasons.

To this end, GMA Pros may collect relevant information from banks or credit agencies and other sources to help us improve our services to you. 

The information we will gather from you may include:


  1. Application Information

These are the information we gather when you fill our application form. These may include your email address, your date of birth, name, income, income source, and more. 

     2. Transaction Information

Your transaction information includes your transaction information, anticipated size, and value, including your income information provided to enable us to create your financial profile. 

     3.Verification Information

These include information required to verify your contact and identify information, such as driver’s license, passport, utility bill, Identity Card, and more. These can also include information gathered from public records or other entities not associated with GMA Pros.


GMA Pros will only use your personal information to provide better services and security to its clients. This information will help us improve our user’s experience, improve our services, and inform you about our additional products. We also use the information to inform you about our services or promotions relevant to you and the products and services you require to make maximum use of our platform. 

However, you have the choice not to supply us with any personal information that we may request. But, keep in mind that by doing so, we won’t be able to open your account or provide you with the services we offer.

While we ensure that all the information you supply on our website is complete are accurate, we urge you to contact us immediately whenever any of your information changes.


All information that you supply at our site will be appropriately handled and treated as highly confidential. However, we may share your information with GMA Pros, our partners, and affiliates. We would never share any of your information with any third party except when required by law or any legal proceedings. 

GMA Pros will implement several security measures to protect any information you supplied when creating an account with us. You can gain access to your account information via your password. This password will be encoded using the latest data encryption protocol and will only be known to you. 

We store registration information on secure servers that can only be accessed by authorized personnel. GMA Pros uses the latest Secured Socket Layer encryption protocol to encode all personal information and also implement all necessary measures to ensure that the information is restricted from unauthorized users. 


GMA Pros may share your information with affiliates and partners in a situation whereby such affiliates request the information to provide you with the opportunity to participate in the products and services that they offer or to provide you with products and services that you requested for.


GMA Pros does not sell, lease, license, or reveal your personal information to any third party or affiliate for any reason, except as stated in this privacy policy statement. 

We reserve the right to disclose or share your information with affiliates or third parties only if the information is needed to provide services to you. 

To improve our services, we may need to engage third parties to perform certain in-house functions such as service fulfillment, client satisfaction surveys, account processing, or any other functions related to our business. We may also employ shared information to provide legal, accounting, and professional advice to GMA Pros. The use of shared information is restricted only to the above function, and it’s not allowed for any other purposes.

We strictly require all third parties, affiliates, and partners associated with us to agree that they will keep your personal information confidential and use it for the objective for which we engage them, or as otherwise stated by the law. GMA Pros will not disclose your personal information to any affiliate or third party that does not have our client’s best interest at heart and can’t afford to safeguard their personal information. 

If you were introduced to GMA Pros by a Business Introducer, then that business Introducer may have access to your personal information. You hereby clearly consent that your personal information should be shared with such a Business Introducer. 

You also accept that to provide a better service to you, and it may be mandatory that your personal information is shared outside the European Economic Area, and you approve such transfer. 


GMA Pros may disclose personal information to third parties, government authorities, law enforcement, and other regulatory bodies to safeguard our rights and/or to obey such legal proceedings. Such information disclosure shall only occur in a case of necessity or otherwise instructed by a government or regulatory authority. GMA Pros shall explicitly inform such a third party concerning the information’s confidential nature in such circumstances. 


Suppose at any point in time you choose to purchase a product or service from another company. In that case, GMA Pros is not in control of the protection or use of the information gathered by the company/website or provided by the client. For instance, you click a link to a co-branded website, and you may be requested to provide some information via registration or other means. Take note that such information will be gathered by the third party and will be governed by the third party’s privacy policy. 


We use cookies to secure your trading transaction and to improve the performance of the gmapros.net website. The cookies that you use do not contain any personal or sensitive information. 

GMA Pros may disclose web usage information to advertising companies and their affiliates. The information shared with these advertisement companies does not contain any personal information. 

To manage and improve our website, GMA Pros may use third-party software to monitor and analyze volume statistical information. The third-party software may use cookies to monitor the behavior and also set cookies on our behalf. These cookies do not contain personal information. 


Occasionally, GMA Pros may modify its privacy policy statement. If there is ever a change in the way we collect, process, store, or handle your personal information, a revised edition of the Privacy Policy Statement will be posted on our website. By opening an account with us, you hereby agree to accept the posting of a revised Privacy Policy Statement electronically on the website as the website notifies you..

Any disagreement with our Privacy Policy Statement is subject to our Customer Agreement or Notice. We urge clients to regularly check and review our Privacy Policy Statement to know how we gather information, use it, and to whom we may disclose it.


I have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement. And I hereby validate that I have the full authority and power to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement. 

If you have any complaints, requests, comments, or questions regarding this Privacy Policy Statement, please feel free to Contact Us.